Shark and Ray ID Guide

Sharks and rays (subclass elasmobranchii) are an amazing group of animals that have evolved over hundreds of millions of years into the diverse assemblage that we have today. They have adapted to thrive in virtually every saltwater body large enough to accommodate them. Some have even managed to overcome the problems associated with living in freshwater and colonized  the great rivers of the tropics.

Please enjoy the shark pictures and information contained in this (ever-expanding) database of shark and ray species. I hope that you take away and share a renewed desire to help these incredible creatures survive in an increasingly challenging environment.

Andy Murch
Shark Photographer and Database Creator.

Superorder Selachii: Sharks

Hammerheads, Requiem Sharks, Houndsharks and Catsharks

Family: CARCHARHINIDAE — Requiem sharks

Family: GALEOCERDONIDAE — Tiger Sharks

Family: PENTANCHIDAE — Deepsea Catsharks

Family: PROSCYLLIIDAE — Finback Catsharks

Family: SCYLIORHINIDAE — Catsharks

Family: SPHYRNIDAE — Hammerhead Sharks

Family: TRIAKIDAE — Houndsharks and Smoothhound Sharks

Superorder Batoidea: Rays

Whiptail Stingrays, Round Stingrays and Stingarees, Deepwater Stingrays, Freshwater Stingrays, Butterfly Rays, Sixgill Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Cownose Rays, and Devil Rays

Family: AETOBATIDAE — Eagle Rays

Family: DASYATIDAE — Whiptail Stingrays

The biology and behavior of Whiptail Stingrays

Family: GYMNURIDAE — Butterfly Rays

Family: MOBULIDAE — Devil Rays

Family: MYLIOBATIDAE — Bat Rays

Family: POTAMOTRYGONIDAE — Neotropical River Stingrays

The biology and evolution of River Stingrays

Family: PLATYRHINIDAE — Thornback Rays

Family: RHINOPTERIDAE — Cownose Rays

Family: UROLOPHIDAE — Stingarees of the Indo-Pacific Region

Family: UROTRYGONIDAE — Round Stingrays of the Americas

Subclass Holocephali: Chimaeras