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Makos and Smooth Hammerhead Snorkeling 2020

A Big Fish Expeditions Trip Report Makos 2020 in a Nutshell Weirdly, we had to bait for a long time to get good encounters, but at the same time, this …

Socorro Diving 2020

Socorro 2020 Trip Report Just Awesome! They really need to come up with more superlatives for awesome because my Socorro trip reports are all starting to sound the same 🙂 …

Nuku Hiva 2020

This year we snorkeled with melon-headed whales and dove with lots of reef mantas, plus scalloped hammerhead sharks, oceanic blacktip sharks, grey reef sharks, …

Shark diving 101

Maybe the concept of ‘responsible shark diving’ sounds a little oxymoronic but there are many things that you can do to protect yourself and the sharks during your interaction.

First and foremost, I can’t stress enough the need to gain as much knowledge as possible about the animals and their environment. To go into the water without at least a basic idea of how the sharks are likely to react is foolhardy to say the least. If you are participating in an organized “shark diving experience” you may feel that the operator’s knowledge is sufficient and that you can sit back and watch the show.

It’s important to remember that every shark interaction is different. Just because countless people have watched the parade of sharks at a particular site passively swim by does not mean that you will have the same experience.

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Shark diving hotspots

Although sharks and rays may be encountered throughout the world’s oceans, there are certain areas where either through natural occurrence or artificial encouragement, particular species are vastly more plentiful or accessible.
View our unbiased and useful assessment of the diving locations we recommend for shark numbers, variety, and reliability, as well as professionalism, ethical conduct, and value of operators. What could be finer than the prospect of dogmatically diving the great shark filled sites of the world in search of the ultimate encounter!

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Lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris, Northern Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean.

Shark feeding advice

Shark feeding is a complicated activity with a number of opinions, ethics, and repercussions surrounding it.
Learn about the shark feeding controversy

Shark feeding is accomplished through a number of methods using number of equipment requirements and has environmental implications.
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Shark attacks

Of the 465 or more species of sharks that are currently described, only a handful are regularly implicated in shark attacks. The most commonly identified (or perhaps misidentified) sharks include the Bull shark, White shark, Tiger shark, and various reef sharks.
Learn about the science behind shark attacks